Dj Prime | Reggae music is about Love and positivity, liberation from mental slavery

Tell me about yourself? Who is Dj prime starting with your real name?

My name is Peter Kimani A.K.A Dj prime THE AFRICA’S PRIME. Am an entertainer/hype man all round deejay…  C.E.O SelfmadedjsEnt.

When did you start Djing?

My interest goes back in primary school coming from a musical background family, it played a huge part in getting me into djing.I started out after joining campus back in 2014 where i learned virtual dj and began playing at house parties. I later met Dj Neba who had equipments in his house, the old Numark 88 cd player and here we are…

How did you end up at self made djs entertainment?

I say my desire to explore and connect with minds that are focused on growth/team work and service delivery.

How would you describe your first gig?

I was anxious but at the same time exited, I was so ready to showcase what I love doing what I’m made of.

How do you balance deejaying and hyping the your audience at the same time?

To start with it’s a wonderful gift and skill to do both. I believe in that one on one connection with the crowd it hands me the power, the full control of the party. It’s like a mind game on the different levels of energy I want the crowd to experience.

Who would you say has influenced your career the most?

Due to my style of play locally The creme dela creme and Kaytrixx.

What is the most challenging part of being a deejay?

Being able to market and brand yourself to top level it takes a lot of learning, sacrifice, discipline and patience .

How would you rate Kenyan music right now compared to bongo and Nigerian music ?

It has really grown we now have genge tone and other amazing talents now we are back to listening to our own music and we are doing very well on the international market as well. Africa’s best rapper is +254 to be clear.

How much do you charge per gig?

My current 2019 rates are:

40,000 -80,000 for Cooperate events in Kenya.
20,000-30,000 for club gigs in Kenya.
40,000-60,000 for college and University events.
30,000-50,000 for private parties/special occasions.
80,000-150,000 for regional tours.

What do you think is making reggae music more popular in uptown night clubs where as reggae is associated mostly with people from the ghetto

It has been accepted by everyone now seeing it grow to the uptown market, it’s not like back in the days when it was associated with crime and violence.
Reggae music is about Love and positivity, liberation from mental slavery I think everyone has a favourite reggae song.

Any upcoming projects you wanna share with us?

There’s a lot in store watch out this space…I’ll be checking inn you favorite joint soon..GOD Speed.

How do you unwind after a night club gig ?

I love to chill indoors, have good food, a movie or some old school music really does it for me.

What Advice Would You Give to aspiring Djs?

This is a passion and calling to entertain you got to put your best foot forward always, do your homework, understand the game, patience is key and putting God first in everything

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