Dj Double Trouble | It took me an year to have the courage to speak on Radio.

 Tell me about yourself? Who is Dj Double Trouble starting with your real name?

My Real Names are Evander Macos Oduka aka Dj Double Trouble.Double Trouble i’m an
entertainer as well as a radio host at ghetto radio 89.5 .

When did you start Djing?

I started Deejaying in 2013

How did you come up with your stage name Double Trouble                                                                     

Well the name i was given by the people in a club, it happened that on that day my
mentor was performing in that club and i had accompanied him so at the night went on
he invited me to play a set in the dj box ,i confidently went ahead and mixed the best
selections of reggae music and the crowd went wild so the mc told me to stop the music
and i did so and he went ahead and told the crowd “this young guy we are mentoring
has no stage name which name do you think we should give him ?” the crowd shouted
“TROUBLE” and the mc went ahead and said he will add the name “DOUBLE” and that is
how “DOUBLE TROUBLE” name came out

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What led you to a career in radio?

I used to accompany one of my friends to the radio station Ghetto Radio and he used to
give me a chance to play a set during his show and later on i met up with Mbusii who liked my
skill and told me to as well be coming during his gigs and i did so and when i continued playing
with him outside radio and inside radio the management liked my skills and that is how i got
employed. Unaweza sema ni Bahati ya mwenyezi mungu

How would you describe your first radio gig?          

 Well , it wasn’t that easy. Very challenging you can imagine it took me an year to have the courage to speak on Radio.

DJ  Double Trouble Mixes

In addition to deejaying, your also double up as a radio host. How do you balance all of

Well , once you understand the art and it is in you because its a TALENT in built well you just need more and more practice and FOCUS

Who would be a "dream guest" to have on your show?


Who would you say has influenced your career the most?

Dj Pri, Mbusii, and a guy by the name George who he is my manager.

What is the most challenging part of being a deejay?

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Temptations from groupies whenever you are in an event.

How would you rate reggae music in Kenya ?


What do you think is making reggae music more popular in uptown night clubs where as
reggae is associated mostly with people from the ghetto

First and foremost we should change that stereotype that reggae music is for the ghetto
people because that mentality is false.Reggae music promotes love,peace and teachings
.So the main reason it is being appreciated everywhere it is because it makes sense once
you start listening to the lyrics not just dancing to the beat.

Your started a Dj Double Trouble meet the people tour 2019. What inspired this
initiative ?

Well my #DTMeetThePeople tour was inspired by my fans because whenever i do my
radio show on air they kept asking me when are you coming to our area so i felt because
i love then at heart i should come up with a musical journey this 2019 whereby i will be
able to reach them in their area ,identify ma baze zao alafu later on we part in a club
which i will be booked at in that particular area.

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Any upcoming projects you wanna share with us?

I have a project called “GHETTO MILLION” which will soon commence later on this year.

How do you unwind after a night club gig ?

I basically do not unwind because after a tiresome night you just think of your bed.

What Advice Would You Give to up and coming Djs?

Regardless of where you're from and what you want to aspire in your journey of
becoming a great deejay ,never lose hope knocking on every door asking for and


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