Top 10 Upcoming Deejaying In Kenya 2019

The entertainment scene in kenya has been on a steady growth   with nightclubs ,events and concerts increase by the day . Upcoming deejays are giving established deejays a run for their money as they cut a niche for themselves on the entertainment industry. On this article we will look at the top upcoming deejays proving their worth in the entertainment industry.

Here is the list of top 10 upcoming djs in kenya

1. Dj Jahkid

2. Dj Levin

3. Dj Braxx

4. Dj Lamah

5. Dj Aisher

6. Dj Giant

7. Dj Crasher

8.Dj Mosh B

9. Dj Gwan

10. DJ kanas


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  2. DJ Moh Spice arrested after display of a gun at K1 night club

In due time these deejays will become most sort  after deejays in kenya due to there hard work and determination


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