The Rivalry Of Top Night Clubs In Nairobi

The night club business seems to be doing well  if the sprouting of night clubs in every corner of the city is anything to go by. Nights clubs are opening right next to each other bringing business rivalry into play leaving  the weaker ones struggling or even closing shop.

When Whisky River Lounge was opened just  36metres from Jikonis , The night club which used to dominate Kiambu Road started  suffering with low clientele and eventually closing down as the revellers shifted to the newly opened Whisky River Lounge.

From Space club along Ngong Road , kiza Lounge in Kilimani , Blend along Mombasa Road and 1824 along Langata Road have  all  suffered from threats of closure by Nairobi City County Government which they site as works of their competitors to bring them down.

This week saw night clubs along Kiambu Road take on each other on social media with other night clubs also jumping in . Here is what the beefing was all about







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