Facebook Groups to Watch Live DJ set Live Streams

For the past four months Deejays in kenya and all over the world have been going through a rough time after the first case of corona virus was announced in the country, The announcement led to the introduction of social distancing  which meant no more events for deejays to play, Night clubs and all entertainment joint were closed down leaving Djs with no jobs. Deejays have turned to the online space especially on facebook  to do there craft and also raise money during the  live set

Here is a list of facebook groups to watch live streams from your favourite deejays

  1. 254 Diaspora Djs live in The Mix

The group was created on  March 21, 2020 and has gained over has over 119,950 members

2. 254 Reggae DJs Live

Formed in may, the group mostly feature reggae Djs from all over the world. It has managed to attract of membership of more than 15,000 people.

3. Kenyan Djs Live Show

The group was created in 2012 but changed its name to Kenyan Djs Live Show may this year.The group has a membership of over 23,407 people

4. My muzik live stream

The group has been in existence for over one and a half month now with over 6,800 members

5. East Africa Djs Live Mix

The group brings together Deejays from the East African Countries to share ideas and offer entertainment to there  fans.


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