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Dj Joe Mfalme also known as Joseph Mwenda was born on the 9th of December 1987. He was born and bred in Meru County,Kenya. Dj  Joe Mfalme has established himself as Dj that can play for various audiences headlining projects such as Koroga festival,Airtel Trace Music Star,Coke studio Africa,Guinness made of black, Paris 7s after party, Tusker Twende Rio promotion, Luo festival among many others

What is Your real name

  • Joseph Mwenda Munoru.

When did you start Djing and what or who were your early influences?

  • I started Deejayingprofessionally in 2007 and I still look up to DJ Jazzy Jeff.

What were some of the main challenges and goals when starting out as a DJ and how have they changed over time?

  • Challenges are there always. Mostly finances as I seek to grow a lot and with growth you have to invest in your craft yet equipment is very expensive. Good thing about it is once you invest in the craft it pays off.

What is the the relationship between copying another dj, learning and your own creativity?

  • Copying happens a lot when you’re starting over as inspiration. It’s normal but overtime you create your own unique sound and style.

What are some of the considerations that go into deciding which track to play next? What makes two tracks a good fit?

  • Reading the crowed and mood of the ambience.

What is the difference between playing on Radio and playing on Night club or event where you can interact with your fans on one on one basis.

  • The difference is on radio you can play anything you want basically and in a night club you play mostly depending by reading the crowd which is a skill on it’s own.

Why do Kenyan Musicians complain of Deejays not playing  there music.Do You think Kenyan music is good enough ?

  • Basically I wouldn’t know anything about that because I play a lot of Kenyan music and I have never received any complain from any artist saying I don’t support Kenyan music.

What Is One Mistake You See a lot of Up And Coming DJs Making?

  • Comparing yourself to others. I always tell people to run their race. Don’t be in a hurry, everyone has their own time.

How much do you charge to play at an event or Nightclub and how can people book you for a gig?

  • For bookings people do bookings via our office line or our official email that is displayed on our social media pages and website. For the rates, that is normally discussed during the booking with the clients.

 You take social media and branding seriously. How important is all that  to  a deejay’s career ?

  • The future is online and everyone is on social media. I use it to advertise my work and to still network to get more jobs. It has really played a huge role in my career.

Where Do You Draw Your Inspiration From?

  • Poverty

Which Is that One Track That Got Popular That You Can't Stand?

  • For me it’s very different. As a Dj I love all sorts of music and the reason a track gets popular is because the jam is dope so in short so far none.

Which is your most favourite night club or venue that you love deejaying most?

  • I judge venues depending on the energy of the crowed. There are sooooo many can’t decide. This is a trick question.

  Any mentorship program you undertaking for young people who want to pursue deejaying as a career?

Will be working on that soon. Currently I have a couple of things to achieve before taking up the program.

What Advice Would You Give to Aspiring DJs?

  • Pray – Practice – Network.


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