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Dj Caril : Every Day is my Best Day

Full Name :Caroline Wawira  Mwaniki

Dj Caril Better Known As The Scratch Queen

 When did you start Deejaying


Are male djs supportive of female djs?

Yes those who i have met yes they have been soo much supportive to me and i have seen other female djs getting support from male too

Does deejaying pay bills?

Yes it does.its a job like any other

Which is your most memorable events that you have  deejayed?

Its was imagine festival which was held at Embu was a Dj competition and i was the only female dj out of 7 where i managed to be at the 4 position. This is the event that made me learn as a female dj you have to be so much skilled and full of ideas not only playing and blending music, skills are not for men only in the deejaying industry. This is the day that made me practice more hard

CDJ or controller and why ?

Cdj because they are much flexible to use

Is it really hard for female deejays to find jobs compared to male deejays?  

Its not really hard especially when one has qualified which means you have good flow of music and good skills, nowadays most club directors and managers are preferring female deejays

Any particular day of the week that you don’t accept gigs?

I do gigs any day

Best day of the week?

Every day is my best .

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Everything its Gods plan and if all goes well i want to have my own big entertainment company.


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