Dj Cibin | Deejaying is my Main Hustle, I give it my all

John Njuru Kibathi also known as Dj Cibin is a radio dj at Qwetu Radio. He is also the ceo and managing director Selfmade entertainment and selfmade deejay academy with weekly club gigs

  • Your Deejaying Career. How Did It All Start?

I’ve always had a rich interest in music since I was a kid which led to my indulgence in deejaying back in campus when my 1st year (2011) roommate introduced me to Virtual DJ (an amateur software used for deejaying)

My curiosity grew when I met DJ Dan Stadz (currently a DJ at Florida) who had some CDJs (professional DJ equipment) in his house. By the time I realized, I was passionate about deejaying

  • How Long Have You Been In The Game?

Since 2011 but professionally its 6 years.

  • What Is One Mistake You See a lot of Up And Coming DJs Making?

They are always in a hurry; they don’t give themselves time to learn and understand the game. Most don’t understand that deejaying is a professional career that should be taken seriously. They shouldn’t do it for attention, or as a hobby.

  • Is Having Your Own Style or A Certain style Like, Being A Reggae Deejay Important In Modern Djing?

- Yes and No. Due to the growing competition it befits some situation to have a unique style to grow ones individual brand but intuitively to score a greater customer segment in the market; this limits ones opportunities to the specific style. For example, A Corporate may fail to hire a Reggae dj due to the company’s traditions, culture, customs or beliefs.

  • What Is Your Opinion Regarding The Difference Between Old School Deejaying Where Everything Was Restricted To Vinyl And Modern Djing?

Old-school deejaying was a bit hard as compared to Modern which has made everything simpler. Business wise, modern deejaying possess a great threat to the DJ industry since its overflooded which in return goes back to the law of Demand and supply.

Introduction to software deejaying (acid/vegas) has made most software DJs poor at live mixing therefore poor delivery at events.

On the other hand, modern deejaying has assisted most youths market themselves which was a bit hard in old-school deejaying .

  • If I Need You to Come Deejay at My Event, How Much am I gonna Part With? -

My current 2019 rate is:

Ksh.50,000 – ksh.150,000 per corporate event in Kenya

Ksh.40,000- ksh.60,000 per Club gig in Kenya

Ksh.50,000- ksh.70,000 per College and university events

Ksh.40,000- ksh.60,000 per private party/special occasions

Ksh.100,000- ksh.200,000 for Regional and international tours

  • Is Deejaying Your Main Hustle?

Yes, it is. It’s my office, am good at it since I give it my all.

  • How are you able to handle Radio, T.V, making mixes and being in the Club at Night?

Am dedicated to it. I have a plan for all my activities which is made possible by my team. (Selfmade DJs Ent, manager and P.A)

  • What Is One Track That Never Gets Old for You No Matter How Many Times You Hear It?

Salary by Nameless

  • Your Best Night Club in the Country and Why.

Jiweke Tavern. It has a respectable clientele, good customer service, cool ambience and prices are affordable.

  • Which Is that One Track That Got Popular That You Can't Stand?

Taka Taka by Alvindo


  • What is DJ Cibin Always Up to When Not Deejaying ?

Training students and mentoring at Selfmade DJs Academy.

Networking with investors and connecting with fans.

Selling The C.E.O’s Choice merchandise. (DJ Cibin wear)

  • Where Do You Draw Your Inspiration From?

I have worked in the white-collar jobs which push many professionals into comfort zones. Reviewing successful Deejays such as DJ Fully Focus and DJ Joe Mfalme I was inspired to pursue more in my life and decided to give my all to invest in my passion.

  • What Advice Would You Give to Aspiring DJs?

Deejaying is challenging. Its only for the strong hearted. If they want to do it successfully, they must be focused and dedicated. Let them have sustainable goals in the business.

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