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Deejay Bee | I’m a full time mum and business lady

Deejay Bee is considered as one of the most talented  female dj. We caught up with her and she gave us a piece of her life

Full name                Elizabeth wambui

Deejay Bee in a past event

How to you manage between being a deejay and a mother?

Well,doing both is not that easy especially if you’re a single parent it takes alot of hard work and sacrifice

Do male deejays look down upon their female counterparts?

In this industry it’s given, some do look down on us but some really motivate us to become better.


How long have you been deejaying?

This will be my 5th year

Dj Bee with Her Son

Best way to unwind after a gig ?

Best way to unwind after a gig is taking a very hot and long shower and drinking could juice after then sleep.

What else do you do apart from deejaying ?

Apart from deejaying I’m a a full time mum and business lady

Advice to upcoming deejays who look upon you as a role model

Advice to upcoming deejays is they should never give up instead keep pushing and being persistent.









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